• Dr Edwina Or

    Bachelor of Health Science
    Bachelor of Applied Science (Chiropractic)

    Dr Edwina completed a double degree in Health Science and Applied Science majoring in Chiropractic at RMIT University. Her love for Chiropractic developed when she discovered the intimate nature of the muscle-joint relationship in the human body when it came to the way it moved and functioned. Her initial thoughts that only muscles where the cause of injury or pain changed when she began Chiropractic treatment herself.  Due to an ongoing hip issue that failed to resolve from multiple muscular treatments, Dr Edwina sought Chiropractic care and was blown away by the results.  She was amazed at how having both muscles and joints treated, combined with exercise prescription made such a big difference to how fast she recovered. This paved the way for her journey into becoming a Chiropractor, so she could help people in the same way it helped her.

Other than Chiropractic, Edwina is heavily involved in Chinese Lion Dancing where she performs annually in Chinatown during Chinese New Year raising up to $10,000 (2019) towards the Royal Children’s Hospital Appeal. Not only has Edwina benefited from Chiropractic treatment herself, she has introduced it to her teammates due to the injury-prone and dynamic-movement required in her sport.

Dr Edwina hopes that other people can discover the benefits of Chiropractic as she has, and experience the difference it can provide to the ever-moving human body.

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